Birthed out of a lifelong love of embroidery, arts and underground music, Culture Collective began as a teenager’s bedroom project, previously known as ‘Kate’s Customs’.
The mission was to make garments and other embroidered items that stood the test of time by having a link to subcultures that people are emotionally invested in all their lives.
That mission has never changed, but it has developed over years of learning, appreciating and following various cultures around music, art and fashion.
Today we are a streetwear outlet bound together by recapturing the feeling of oneness and unity you feel when you are surrounded by people who enjoy the same passion as you. 
Through working together with a collective of innovative, independent, designers and creators from diverse backgrounds, we aim to cultivate a welcoming, judgement free online community for music, arts and fashion lovers around the globe, to learn,  support and nourish our love for our cultures and interests. 
We found our movement. It’s time to find yours.